Dr Rebecca IngleLecturer and Group Leader

Rebecca has been a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at University College London since January 2020 where she started the Photoinduced Processes Group. More information here.

Harry McGheePhD Student 2020 – ongoing

Harry completed his MChem at Oxford University where he worked under the supervision of Dr Brianna Heazlewood on the Zeeman deceleration of radical species. His PhD involves using both optical and X-ray spectroscopic techniques to investigate photochemical processes in both the solution and gas phase. He is currently using X-ray absorption spectroscopy to study the behaviour of disulfide bonds in cyclic systems. Outside of work he enjoys playing music, good coffee, and watching Southampton occasionally win a game of football.

Aisha MumtazMSci Chemistry 2020 – 2021

Aisha’s project involves the synthesis and photochemical characterisation of bimetallic Ru-Pt complexes for photodynamic therapy, jointly supervised by Dr Clare Bakewell. She enjoys working on highly interdisciplinary projects and and in the summer of her third year, undertook a computational, organic materials project under the supervision of Dr Bob Schroeder. The project was funded by a competitive research bursary from the UCL Chemistry department and involved exploring the use of density functional theory to computationally model different interactions of organic semiconducting materials.

Fredrika PerssonMSci 2020 – 2021